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Watch the short youtube video below for a quick overview about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a new type of money that is getting popular now. It is a digital currency that you can use on a peer-to-peer payment or transaction without a central authority. A developer with pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ introduced the concept of Bitcoin in the year 2009.  There are many merchants that accept Bitcoin payments now. One of the advantages of using this digital currency is the lower or sometimes zero processing fee on every transaction you make. Another advantage is that it is an open-source platform which can be used by everyone because Bitcoin is not owned by anybody. All you need is a funded Bitcoin wallet that is installed on your computer or even on your mobile device that you will use for every transaction.   A Bitcoin can be bought at a variable price from any Bitcoin exchange and you can pay for it using your bank account. You can also get it when you exchange your product or services for Bitcoins. When you have a friend who transacts using Bitcoins, you can also buy from them.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

If you want to buy Bitcoins from Bitcoin exchange, here are some of the leading exchange sites to choose from.
  1. Bitstamp (
Bitstamp is another large Bitcoin exchange based in Europe particularly in Slovenia. Since 2011, it has served many people around the world. Bitstamp provides protection on customers’ privacy and offers professional services. Like other exchanges, it also uses API for automatic trading. It is in compliance with the financial regulations in the world. Currencies like EUR, GBP, USD and CHF are supported by Bitstamp.  
  1. BTC-e (
Automatic mode trading is one of the advantages of BTC-e Bitcoin exchange. It supports withdrawal of US dollars within 72 hours. You can deposit or withdraw your coin on BTC-e instantly. If you want additional dollars to deposit, it can serve you within 24 hours. Recently, they introduced a new way of paying called EgoPay. One of the fastest growing electronic payments online, EgoPay provides a convenient, safe and fast way to pay your transactions online. It supports various funding channels like Visa or Master Card, Payza and many more.  
  1. Bitfinex (
In the world of Bitcoin, Bitfinex has the most advanced features. These features include Bitcoin exchange, margin trading, lending market and many other features. Bitfinex is a Bitcoin exchange that offers a good security. It uses a watch-only wallet in monitoring deposits as well as balances. Bitfinex uses API keys for trade only and its database is backed up daily. The system is always updated that is why their servers are well protected.  
  1. CampBX (
Based in the United States, CampBX is a real-time Bitcoin exchange that has achieved certification from PCI (Payment Card Industry) as well as the seal of confidence from McAfee Secure. This means that you are well secured when you buy and sell Bitcoins in CampBx. When you use CampBx, you will be provided with many features like advance trading options, two-factor authentication, sms notifications, trading and wallet API, daily security scans and many more.
  1. BTC china (
Established in 2011 and consistently in operation, BTC China provides users a secured and reliable trading experience.  In China, BTC China is the Bitcoin exchange that handles the highest volume of Bitcoins trading because it offers high liquidity, high security and high availability. Like other Bitcoin exchange, BTC China uses SSL, sms verification, 2-Factor Authentication and other security features. BTC China is the oldest and of good reputation. Based on the latest news, BTC China has beaten other Bitcoin exchange and it is now the no. 1 Bitcoin exchange in the world.

There are many other Bitcoin exchanges that are available now. They have different features and easy to use. You sign up with these exchanges without any fee. Sometimes, you need to consider that Bitcoin trading can be a high-risk action. If you want to invest in a Bitcoin exchange, always check their security and reliability. You can consider checking the above Bitcoin exchange sites.   Many people are now using Bitcoins especially since more stores, restaurants, and online services are also now accepting Bitcoins. Their numbers are growing fast because of the advantages that Bitcoin offers. Paying for products and services with the use of Bitcoins is easier and cheaper than any other form of payments like credit cards.  This online currency is simpler and safer to use for purchases and transactions over the internet.  

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