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Terms And Conditions

  1. Users have no financial obligation to . We reserve the right to refuse any payments in our sole discretion.

  2. The Bitcoin address must be valid to claim the reward

  3. Under any circumstances, we are not responsible for user inputting an invalid Bitcoin wallet address. And we will not change the address upon any request to transfer claims/ rewards.

  4. No bot or spam allow within our network. Although Kami-Ike is not hold responsible for users actions, but we are keeping our rights to take any action to prevent and/or stop any damage to us.

  5. Registered web masters have agreed to make up-front payment to Kami-Ike before we credit it into their nominated Pool(s). Such arrangement must be clearly described in email or our ticketing system whenever is available.

  6. All site contents are responsible by their owners. Kami-Ike will hold no responsibility for any damage it might cost. It is agreed that Kami-Ike will have the right to remove or ban supports to any site, if any inappropriate advertising contents or contents is not part of agreement with Kami-Ike.

  7. All web masters should have their own captcha/ security measures in place to prevent boting. Kami-Ike will hold no responsibility to any lost of pool credits/ bitcoins on member site cased by site owner managements including their own system and code base.

  8. Kami-Ike will NOT allow illegal use and abuse of the system, if any misuse of this system has been found, we will terminate the service immediately without any notices.

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